Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateSep 26, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:30 Untitled Great Plains
06:35 Rump Government Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts
09:04 Sister Ray Mike Rep and the Quotas
13:50 Delusion Moviola
15:50 Untitled Jim Shepard
17:58 End of the Bar V-3
20:34 My Position on Nothingness Cheater Slicks
24:13 Mic Break
28:00 Bone Knife El Jesus De Magico
31:36 Skull Vs Wizard Times New Viking
34:57 I Hate the Beach Psychedelic Horseshit
42:28 You Can't Win Pink Reason
47:30 Dumbs Will Survive RTFO Bandwagon
55:23 Real Women Mount Carmel
59:18 Mic Break
63:25 Let's Go Dancing Andrew Ashbrook
65:09 Finish

El Jesus De Magico

Times New Viking

Mount Carmel

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