Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateSep 19, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
06:46 Houy Meas Reatrey Nis Mek Sroh Lah
09:45 Aroubi Rasd Eddil Pt 1 Mme. Fritna
12:52 Two Wings Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Singers
15:18 Only Missing You Daniel Johnston
17:15 You Made Me Feel Trash Can Sinatras
21:20 Heart Condition The Softies
23:37 Living Downtown ADs
25:49 Mic Break
29:17 Cluck Old Hen The Buckle Busters
32:01 Uh Oh! It's Mourning Time Again Mount Eerie
36:05 The Face of Fashion Chris Knox
39:00 Trinity High Water Mark Birchville Cat Motel
50:04 Rayon Hula Mike Cooper
52:15 Troubled By Insects Capn Jazz
56:10 Mic Break
58:49 Ying Khai Tua Phongsi Woranut
63:19 Finish

Daniel Johnston


Phongsi Woranut

With over ten years of radio experience, Patrick K. is one of BTR's most-seasoned personalities. Accordingly, he hosts of some of BTR's most celebrated programs. His focus is on the deep, dark (and frequently…