Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateNov 30, 2011
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
02:34 The Cloth Billy Bragg
05:20 No Heaven Scott Deada
07:46 My Valuable Hunting Knife Guided by Voices
09:44 Song of a Drunken Nightengale Bill Fox
13:25 Disappearing Fred Thomas
15:51 You Won't Find It Again The Go-Betweens
19:06 Snowfall The Halo Benders
22:55 Mic Break
25:05 Maggie and Me The Dirty Projectors
27:47 Green Shirt Green Green
30:58 Guy Fawkes' Day Charlie McAlister
32:44 To Do List So Cow
35:42 Divorce Song Liz Phair
39:22 Not Given Lightly Chris Knox
44:20 Mic Break
46:39 Ambulance Saturday Looks Good to Me
49:23 AW Nunparty
50:25 Ballad of the Aleutian Sea Otter Andy's Airport of Love
51:21 Downtown Grocery Store Andy's Airport of Love
52:19 Lonestar Mirah
54:38 Untitled Betty Marie Barnes
57:23 Like a Monkey in a Zoo Daniel Johnston
60:48 Mic Break
63:15 Speedway Hero Billy Bragg
65:58 Finish

Scott Deada
Dec 31 2011 – Beat Street – Dayton, OH

G. Green
Dec 10 2011 – Luigi’s Fun Garden – Sacramento, CA
Jan 31 2011 – Bows and Arrows – Sacramento, CA

Feb 04 2011 – Merkin Concert Hall – New York, NY

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