Wize Crack Interview

Premiere DateAug 8, 2018
00:00 Intro
00:05 Wayne Ski
01:56 Knew Beginning ft. V. Cha$ Wize Crack
05:09 Matinee At The Castle Wize Crack
07:32 Wize Crack Interview
16:25 City Of Newark Wize Crack
18:36 Dun Dial Realio Sparkzwell
22:02 Woman Kyah Baby
25:24 Wayne Ski
25:55 Far Away Wize Crack
28:23 Forbidden Scriptures ft Tragedy Khadafi Wize Crack
31:16 Don From Sicily Dunbar
35:13 The Steiners ft Elzhi Westside Gunn
37:58 Is This Mic On? Bumpy Knuckles x Nottz
40:40 Big Fries MC White Owl & Bombeardo
44:52 Whipping Water ft Villa G Dunbar
49:32 Make Cents MeRCY
51:50 SuperFly ft. YL & Starker DJ Skizz
54:20 Wayne Ski
55:18 Finish

On today’s show Wayne Ski talks with recording artist Wize Crack. Make sure you follow us @btrtoday and subscribe to the shows

Wize Crack

Born and raised on the South Side of Queens, NY, Wayne Ski began his musical journey in 1994 when he started making hip hop mixed with R&B mix tapes while working for a local music store. With the desire to…