Week of 12/17/15

Premiere DateDec 17, 2015
24:50 Real Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
29:36 2 Brothers From The Gutter Percee P Ft. Diamond D
30:36 The Official Jaylib
33:36 Kill 'Em (OJ Simpson Remix) Madlib
36:19 Mic Break
37:32 MEDical Card M.E.D.
39:40 Bomb Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
42:22 The Show Talib Kweli & Madlib
44:34 Best Of Times Strong Arm Steady Ft. Phonte
49:24 Cornucopia Madlib
51:02 Raid Madvillain
53:05 Strip Club Jaylib
55:26 Ghetto Rhyme Stories Percee P
58:24 Hosianna IV Madlib
58:39 Mic Break
59:14 Finish

Back with another special edition as we kick off last year with this incredible Madlib edition. If you’ve been following us you should know that you can stream this show from your mobile device. If you missed this at the top of 2015 here you go! Stream and download now! Be well and be safe. Follow us on social media @BreakThurRadio.

Madlib/Photo by Madlib

Born and raised on the South Side of Queens, NY, Wayne Ski began his musical journey in 1994 when he started making hip hop mixed with R&B mix tapes while working for a local music store. With the desire to…