Just As Confused As You

Premiere DateFeb 5, 2020
00:00 Intro
00:04 Wayne Ski
04:36 Don't Get Involved Stalley
09:06 Bad Name Remix ft. Redman & Method Man Gang Starr
12:43 Wayne Ski
24:12 History Feat. Pro Dillinger, Snotty, Whatamess, Mickey Diamonds Josiah The Gift
30:10 Kings Link with Kings feat. Termanology & Bumpy Knuckles Ruste Juxx & Zealot of FWM
33:14 Wayne Ski
38:59 Shallow Graves feat. Rozewood Hus Kingpin
43:20 The Plot Twist J-Live
47:18 Didn't I feat. Translee & Quentin Miller Sy Ari Da Kid
51:39 Break Up Dance F.Y.I.
54:26 Wayne Ski
55:44 Finish

What in the political circus is going on? Wayne Ski shares some of his thoughts on it today. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @BTRtoday.

Born and raised on the South Side of Queens, NY, Wayne Ski began his musical journey in 1994 when he started making hip hop mixed with R&B mix tapes while working for a local music store. With the desire to…