Coming Clean

Premiere DateAug 22, 2017
Categories Comedy
00:00 Intro
00:35 David Martin
10:42 Sean O’Brien
21:34 David Martin
22:16 Ashley Brooke Roberts
32:09 David Martin
32:57 Mike Kelton
45:05 David Martin
46:04 Adam Wade
59:52 David Martin
62:23 Finish

We all harbor deep, dark secrets about ourselves. And most of the time we keep these awful secrets to ourselves. But not for this month’s show! Tune in and hear some erotic fiction! And also how one of our storytellers’ brothers peed on his mom’s face! All true! Makes you feel better about yourself, doesn’t it?

Nights of Our Lives Host David Martin

Sean O’Brien (photo from Facebook)

Ashley Brooke Roberts (


Mike Kelton (

Adam Wade (

David Martin has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for many years now -- some might argue too many and he wouldn't disagree with those people. But he also hopes (fervently) to be performing…