Tales of Delusions

Premiere DateApr 26, 2016
Categories Comedy Culture
00:00 Intro
00:35 David Martin
10:53 Ophira Eisenberg
24:39 David Martin
26:26 Brian Finkelstein
38:14 David Martin
39:42 Mike Kelton
54:26 David Martin
57:18 Adam Wade
74:06 David Martin
76:53 Finish

Check out tales of Delusions in this month’s offering from the Nights of Our Lives. Storytellers Brian Finkelstein, Ophira Eisenberg, Mike Kelton, and Adam Wade take you from the heartbreaking to the absurd as they regale you with stories of anal sex gone awry to defecating all over a New Jersey Path Train. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to this?? Enjoy and we apologize in advance.

Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Nights of Our Lives Host David Martin

Brian Finkelstein

Ophira Eisenberg Twitter: @OphiraE

Mike Kelton Twitter: @MikeKelton

Adam Wade Twitter: @AdamWade

David Martin has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for many years now -- some might argue too many and he wouldn't disagree with those people. But he also hopes (fervently) to be performing…