Nights Of Our Lives

Premiere DateAug 28, 2012
Categories Comedy Culture
00:00 Intro with David Martin
09:47 Christian Capozzoli
22:14 David Martin
23:50 Melanie Hamlett
35:50 David Martin
37:16 Jon Gabrus
54:50 David Martin
56:42 Adam Wade
69:57 Finish

This month’s theme: VIRGINITY

Some of the funniest writers in New York are getting together to let you know about the nights of their lives – those nights that stand out a cut above the rest, that left behind stories so full of hilarity and wonder that they’re worth sharing.

This performance was recorded on July 25, 2012 at the UCB Theater in NYC.

Room fills quick, tickets are only $5. Last Wednesday of every month at UCB West 26th street between 8th and 9th in Manhattan.

David Martin
David on the internet

Christian Capozzoli
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Melanie Hamlett
Melanie on Twitter
Melanie on the internet

Jon Gabrus
Jon on Twitter
Jon on the internet

Adam Wade
Adam on Twitter
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David Martin has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for many years now -- some might argue too many and he wouldn't disagree with those people. But he also hopes (fervently) to be performing…