Premiere DateJan 28, 2020
Categories Comedy Culture
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00:27 David Martin
14:31 Will Clegg
23:30 David Martin
25:52 Leslie Goshko
35:48 David Martin
38:02 Adam Wade
52:23 David Martin
58:42 Outro
59:16 Finish

Would you accept a $100,00 to sleep with a total stranger? (Full disclosure: I absolutely would.) Would you stay in a relationship with someone who repeatedly kissed other people? Would you let an adult beat you in basketball (you’re a kid in this scenario)? Find out the answers to these questions and more (ok maybe not that much more) as we explore the theme of Cheating!

Will Clegg (

Leslie Goshko ( (Photo by Mindy-Tucker)

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David Martin has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for many years now -- some might argue too many and he wouldn't disagree with those people. But he also hopes (fervently) to be performing…