Back To School

Premiere DateAug 25, 2020
Categories Comedy Culture
00:00 Intro
00:26 David Martin with Panel
11:05 Katie Rivard as Storyteller
21:08 David Martin with Katie Rivard
23:54 Andrew Howley and David Martin as Storytellers
47:06 Adam Wade as Storyteller
58:40 David Martin with Panel
64:05 Outro
64:31 Finish

As summer winds down we think about the start of school. And although school, this year, will look different, some things never change: like productions of Romeo and Juliet run amok or spring band trips that turn into scenes of a crime or open mic nights that don’t end as disastrously as feared. Tune in and slide back down memory lane as our storytellers this month share their Back to School stories.

Katie Rivard (provided by Katie Rivard)

Andrew Howley (via

Adam Wade (

David Martin has performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for many years now -- some might argue too many and he wouldn't disagree with those people. But he also hopes (fervently) to be performing…