#56: New Music From Hoops, Fits, & So Much More!

Premiere DateNov 29, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
01:09 Introducing New Vibrations
02:05 Mangkakulam Egrets On Ergot
05:52 Plantation Pudding Egrets On Ergot
14:46 The Decline Of Nations La Louma
18:13 If We Don't Now We Never Will La Louma
22:00 Hear Me Out La Louma
24:29 My World The Liza Colby Sound
28:08 I Love You The Liza Colby Sound
32:44 Mic Break
33:54 Running Out Fits
35:08 Fulfilling Fits
36:12 Mango Fits
37:10 Do A Little Dope Field Medic
39:40 Powerful Love Field Medic
41:58 Cool Hoops
43:56 4U Hoops
45:38 On Top Hoops
49:24 Outro
52:10 Honey Please The Ghost of Paul Revere
54:34 Pocket Knife The Ghost of Paul Revere
57:33 Chain of Command Peter Oren
60:37 Throw Down Peter Oren
64:40 Finish

This week it’s more new shit! Gotta love it. If you think you missed out this year, stay tuned for some yearly round ups to catch up.

Elena Childers is BTRtoday's go-to music reporter extraordinaire. She writes Nightshift Sounds, Tune Up and The Music Meetup. She also produces and hosts The Music Meetup and New Vibrations podcasts every Monday…