Week of 09/20/17

Premiere DateSep 20, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
01:35 Introducing New Vibrations
02:21 Teen Angel Dirty Fences
04:46 Palindrome Native Sun
07:52 Slow Motion Detonation (ft. Juana Molina) Deerhoof
11:35 Everybody Knows PARTNER
14:32 Sister Native Sun
18:16 Mic Break
19:34 I Will Spite Survive (ft. Jenn Wasner) Deerhoof
23:03 Irregular Patterns Duds
25:27 Ambassador To Ecstasy PARTNER
28:59 Al-Anon The Values
32:17 Blue Train Lines (ft. King Krule) Mount Kimbie
36:35 Outro
40:06 Fatal Gift Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
46:13 A Long Long Year Lucas Oswald
49:55 ASAP Son Little
54:14 Reward Indifference Duds
56:19 Fitchburg State Lina Tulgren
59:37 The Fall Elliott Brood
62:50 Finish

You know what it is–brand spankin’ new songs here on New Vibrations.
You’re welcome.


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