Week of 06/07/17

Premiere DateJun 7, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
02:15 Introducing New Vibrations
03:42 Halloween Wolf Diamond
06:10 Diamond In The Rough Wolf Diamond
09:48 The Reaper Man Trevor Sensor
12:46 High Beams Trevor Sensor
16:13 Mic Break
17:29 Rolling On Celebration
21:40 Freedom Ring Celebration
25:38 Stoned STRFKR
27:40 Purple And Black STRFKR
30:36 Snow Tires STRFKR
31:40 Outro
34:15 Sweet Cigarettes After Sex
39:02 Young & Dumb Cigarettes After Sex
43:32 Nearly Lost My Mind Ryan Massad
46:44 Don't Be Careless Ryan Massad
49:42 Storming Out Ryan Massad
55:45 Finish

Welcome back to New Vibrations!
This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that’s all amazing and that’s what I always do. So, you’re welcome for delivering.



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