Week of 01/11/17

Premiere DateJan 11, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
01:20 Introducing New Vibrations
02:40 Avalon Foxygen
06:26 Upon A Hill Foxygen
08:05 Love Bug Monogold
11:41 Milk Fed Monogold
14:56 Kill All The Witnesses Lila Blue
18:44 Sweet Submission Lila Blue
21:23 Feel It Georgia
25:17 Mic Break
27:39 Instant Play Navy Gangs
30:10 Express Services Nodding Tree Remedies
34:47 Hey Princess Oh Boy!
37:32 Time Wasted Treads
40:13 Outro
42:23 I'm Doing Great Viv & The Sect
46:42 Siberian Tiger High Waisted
49:03 A Lot Like Love Bossie
52:58 Funeral Stuyedeyed
57:24 Finish

Welcome back to New Vibrations!!!

This week I’m spinning some real great shit! And by spinning I in no way mean vinyl because we’re hi-tech over here and use technology, but I like to pretend like I’m old school and am spinning records.

So enjoy these dope records I’ll be spinning for you…

I did something special for you guys ’cause I’m a tad hungover, so the first half of the playlist are, of course, brand spanking new releases just released within the new year (or maybe a few in Dec./Nov.–still v new!) And then the second half of the playlist are tracks I rounded up from previous shows, because January is a month of retrospect and reviewing your past and I wanted to do just that with the show and dang I’ve played some great music on here!

So enjoy and I love you all my bbs!

Elena Childers is BTRtoday's go-to music reporter extraordinaire. She writes Nightshift Sounds, Tune Up and The Music Meetup. She also produces and hosts The Music Meetup and New Vibrations podcasts every Monday…