TOP SONGS OF 2019 pt. 3 (of 3)

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing New Vibrations
01:44 Introducing TOP SONGS OF 2019 pt. 3 (of 3)
03:00 Ripe For Consumption Weeping Icon
06:44 Celebrity Gnarcissists
08:48 In My Head Paint Fumes
10:50 Black Dog The Advertisers
13:48 The Killer Sheer Mag
18:45 Mic Break
20:00 Can't Relax The Shivas
22:36 Memoirs of Working in a Bowling Alley Dropper
25:31 Run, Run, Run Fruit & Flowers
29:14 25, Alive Oh, Rose
31:58 Just Like Dancing Brightside
35:23 The Cleaner Squid
43:10 Outro
46:35 Under A Smile Twin Peaks
50:28 Oedipus Race Native Sun
53:01 Spasms Iguana Death Cult
55:11 Friends Of Ours The Medium
57:36 No Longer Apart Scott Yoder
61:39 Right Round The Clock Sorry
65:42 Finish

It’s the final installment y’all! Hope your new decade is starting off right—either way, this playlist is about to make it 100x better.

If you missed out on all the great music of 2019,  here is your cheatsheet. This is PART THREE of THREE episodes of New Vibrations providing you with the top 50 songs that came out in 2019—so make sure to check out the past episodes here!
Thanks for listening, everybody!! I love you so. ❤️

Sorry “Right Round The Clock”

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