#216: Best of New Vibrations 2020 pt. 3 (of 3)

00:00 Intro
01:26 Introducing New Vibrations
01:46 Introducing Best of New Vibrations 2020 pt. 3
03:02 Blackhole Cherry Pickles
05:35 Hold My Hand Death Valley Girls
08:19 (Wish You Was) Madball Baby BRANDY
11:40 Day Ripper Bee Bee Sea
16:37 Cold Dark Days Zzzwalk
20:37 Heteronormative Horseshit Blues Shilpa Ray
25:30 Mic Break
26:54 Rot PUP
30:18 Cure Is You The Nude Party
33:24 Government Shutdown Native Sun
34:52 Too Cold Bass Drum of Death
38:03 Honey Partner
41:21 Shred Mountain Ben Katzman's DeGreaser
44:21 Outro
47:09 Cellophane Heatboy$
49:58 House Hold Mourn
53:46 Hotel Celebrity The Paranoyds
56:40 Zeitgeist Babe Rainbow
60:57 Voodoo Success Kairos Creature Club
64:58 dying to ShitKid
67:54 Finish

Well, here we are. 2021. Survivors of 2020… Good luck, everybody! Here is the final part to the best of New Vibrations 2020 to give you some new year pep in your step. Enjoy!

Tune in!

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