#209: New Music from Sibille Attar, PYNKIE, & So Much More!

Premiere DateNov 18, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:26 Introducing New Vibrations
03:02 Eat the Rich Spite FuXXX
05:48 Break Me Spite FuXXX
08:56 Ego Amigo Shitbats
12:22 Reefer Madness Shitbats
15:28 "Listen to Your Heart." "No." Cheekface
18:01 Mic Break
19:21 Personality PYNKIE
23:45 Progress Yung
27:43 New Fast Yung
31:47 Hurt Me Sibille Attar
35:51 Outro
38:38 Paradise Alley Jeremy Ivey
43:53 Hands Down in Your Pockets Jeremy Ivey
48:08 Feel Brand New Okey Dokey
52:41 My Love Okey Dokey
57:00 Truth Nugget Helena Deland
61:45 Dog Helena Deland
65:38 Finish

New music to make the (technically unofficial) round #2 of lockdown a bit more musical. Enjoy!

Tune in!

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