#207: New Music from Native Sun, Bass Drum of Death, & So Much More!

00:00 Intro
01:27 Introducing New Vibrations
03:37 Government Shutdown Native Sun
05:04 Too Cold Bass Drum of Death
08:11 Hello & Welcome Partner
10:37 Honey Partner
13:53 Rooftop Chelsea Shag
17:13 Mic Break
18:18 Fork in the Road Smokescreens
21:21 I Love Only You Smokescreens
24:22 Paul Tuesday Faust
28:38 Riding Over (Dying) Tuesday Faust
29:55 Embroidered No Thank You
34:05 Enough No Thank You
37:07 Outro
40:52 True Fear Extra Special
44:04 My Car Extra Special
47:52 Cathedral Drunk-Ex
51:42 Samsara Sumeau
56:29 Isolation-Katanblade Ben Katzman's DeGreaser
59:13 Shred Mountain Ben Katzman's DeGreaser
62:02 Finish

I feel confident in saying yesterday was a shit show and my stress levels have never been higher. Listen to this playlist of new songs to try and take a mental break for a sec.

Tune in!

Chelsea Shag “Rooftop”

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