Congratulations! You've made it to part two of the trilogy of the 50 BEST SONGS FROM 2017 ~New Vibrations style~ You must be very cool, 'cause these songs truly are the coolest!
If you missed out on all the great music of 2017,  here is your cheatsheet--the top 50 songs from this year PART 1 or 3.
So excited about the artists being featured this week! Check it out--you won't be disappointed. 
This week it's more new shit! Gotta love it. If you think you missed out this year, stay tuned for some yearly round ups to catch up.
We've got some really cool new music for you this week from badass bands like Plastic Pinks and Bleeding Knees Club--tune in!!
I'm starting to lose my mind--I'm sure you are too. Listen to this playlist to lift your spirits!
New music from so many great bands--plus, music before the album release from Pistoleros and Native Sun!
This week I've curated the ultimate playlist for a perfectly chilly & colorful Fall day. Enjoy! xoxo
We've got some great new songs to make your ears bleed--we even have a sneak peak of King Khan's newest album 'Murderburgers' (OUT 10/13)!
Let's get ready to hibernate w/ a playlist of brand spankin' new songs!
Listening to more than one brand new track from certain artists because treat yo' self.
You know what it is--brand spankin' new songs here on New Vibrations. You're welcome. xoxo
You know what it is--check out the newest tracks in the world of heckin' awesome indie music!
Keepin' it light & indie today so we can all mentally prepare for fall--the best season ever!
We're rockin' out like always with the freshest indie tracks here on New Vibrations!
The soundtrack for your life--listen to this week's New Vibrations!
This week we've got tons of tracks for you before the official release of the album. So, you're god damn welcome.
This week we start off nice and punk/rock 'n' roll heavy and end with a softer folk note.
Your weekly dose of new or soon-to-be-released indie songs! Enjoy.
We've got all the killer newbies out now and/or soon-to-be-released. The last four tracks you have to listen to all together, so don't you dare press skip!
This week I couldn't get enough, so I've shared multiple songs from a whole bunch of artist. I may sound like I'm dying (because I am--check out Nightshift Sounds to see why), but the music more than makes up for it! You're welcome my BBs. xoxo
This week get ready to hear some true blue rock 'n' roll.
We got a lot of exclusive songs for you this week--so get ready to be ahead of the music game!
From rock, to folk, to country--it's all good music here. Guaranteed!
I've dubbed this week's show "The Flood Warning" playlist. Because it's chill, yet fun
You just HAVE to listen to this week's playlist 'cause it's filled with amazing musicians, bands and songs.
This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering.
This week we start of slow and moody, and gradually build to dancey and moody!
A super special playlist for my 25th birthday featuring all the best songs released so far this year! Enjoy. xoxo
We're cool, you're cool. So, listen to these new tracks/ soon-to-be-released tracks. We promise you it'll be a riot of a time.
It's the rainy season, so it's time to help yourself to a nice big heap of brand new moody tunes! Enjoy (&/or cry, up to you...)
This is new vibrations spitting out the newest tracks for your listening pleasure!
A solid punk rock playlist of brand new tracks (even a few classic remastered ones)! Check it ooooout!
Hold on to your socks, 'cause you're about to get rocked!
It's that time of the week again! Say hello to New Vibrations--spinning the hottest new tracks! I know that sounds like a pop radio station, but I promise we're way cooler than that... Don't believe me? Well, just take a listen and let your mind be blown. xoxo  
You know the drill; new songs, listen to them here, bla bla bla.
This week all the brand spanking new songs I'll be playing for you unintentionally comprised a lovesick/breakup playlist. So you're welcome.
This week we've got (of course) new hot of the press tracks, BUT we've also (like, also of course) have songs for you that haven't even been release yet!
This week you get a real treat, because I'm not only featuring newly released/ soon-to-be released tracks, I also provide you guys with a pretty significant feminist rant! You are very welcome.
Featuring only the hippest/ hot-off-the-press tracks. This week we've got some real goodies for ya! Diet Cig, Weird Omen, Strange Lots, and so much more!
This week's playlist will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from rock'n'roll chaos, to slow and sultry heartbreak. So, like always, sit back, relax, and turn up the volume!
Hey! I'm not gonna beat around the bush--we've got a kickass playlist for ya this week, and you should listen to it. Don't be a square!
Welcome back to New Vibrations! This week we've got oh so much for you to keep your ears warm from the bitter cold--we've got songs from albums that aren't even out yet (like usual). We've got some from The Moonlandingz, Parlor Walls, Spinning Coin, and so much more! Check it out!! xoxo
This week we've got tracks off of some seriously anticipated albums--Ron Gallo's Heavy Meta (just came out last week) & SKATERS' Rock And Roll Bye Bye (out 3/24). Plus so much more!
This week we have a playlist for you comprised of songs from albums that aren't even released in the world yet--like what? Oh, hell yeah!
A playlist of brand spanking new songs, some not even released yet, to ease your America-Is-In-The-Trash blues.
This week I share some badass bands that are kicking ass and I'm so proud of them! We've got a little BOYTOY a little Diet Cig, and then some.
Welcome back to New Vibrations!!! This week I'm spinning some real great shit! And by spinning I in no way mean vinyl because we're hi-tech over here and use technology, but I like to pretend like I'm old school and am spinning records. So enjoy these dope records I'll be spinning for you... I did something special for you guys 'cause I'm a tad hungover, so the first half of the playlist are, of course, brand spanking new releases just released within the new year (or maybe a few in Dec./Nov.--still v new!) And then the second half of the playlist are tracks I rounded up from previous shows, because January is a month of retrospect and reviewing your past and I wanted to do just that with the show and dang I've played some great music on here! So enjoy and I love you all my bbs! xoxo
This is a round up of all the tracks that we’re released in 2016 in order of the months they came out—just in case you missed ‘em!