NEW VIBES SPECIAL: These are all the best tracks that were released in 2016. Out of the shit that was 2016 grew magnificent talent. Get ready to be OBSESSED w/ this playlist!
We've got some great new stuff for your listening pleasure!! Some surf, punk, synth, rock--you're gonna freaking love it!
Welcome back to the weekly New Vibrations!! This week's playlist has no real theme to it at all. It's got some slow instrumental, some songs w/ soundbites, some dance-y music, some punk rock, some garage, and some old-school 90's vibe tunes. So sit back and relaxe and let this playlist boggle your mind! xoxo  
Get your ears ready for some tunes that'll make you feel crazy, safe, and wild all in one! It's quite satisfying.
You either didn't or did survive the Thanksgiving break. Either way R.I.P., here are some new tunes to rage out to!
Take a break from the dramatic political convos you're having w/ your family during this holiday, and listen to some brand new tracks that'll get you ready to get your drink on!
Take a break from this f*cked up week & get your ears ready for some brand spanking new tracks that'll become your new favorites!
We've got songs from albums that aren't even out yet! So get ready for your mind to be blown by some rock, punk, garage, indie, snyth, everything. We know you'll love it!
Giving you some brand new and exclusive jams ranging from Synth-pop to punk rock, and everything in-between!