#200: Two-Hour Special for the 200th Episode

00:00 Intro
01:26 Introducing New Vibrations
01:46 Introducing the 200th Episode!!
03:28 A Hero's Death Fontaines D.C.
07:49 I Wanna Lose L.A. Witch
11:53 Too Much Tension The Mystery Lights
14:12 Mr. Motivator IDLES
17:30 Coin The Bobby Lees
20:19 Feet Fat White Family
25:45 C Oh Sees
30:11 Sweet Freak Frankie and the Witch Fingers
34:39 Mic Break
37:01 Obsessive Desire Max Pain and The Groovies
41:44 Midwest Hotel Mattiel
46:45 Fate / Glory Public Pratice
49:26 Roll the Dice The Muckers
53:13 Black Dog The Advertisers
56:10 The Waves Las Rosas
59:12 Oedipus Race Native Sun
61:45 In My Head Paint Fumes
63:47 Celebrity Gnarcissists
66:04 Mic Break
68:32 Buy Sell Die T.V.O.D.
70:49 Sex Hiatus Sex Hiatus
74:47 Zero Thanks Given GYMSHORTS
77:35 Best Girl Miss June
81:14 A Little Something More Ashjesus
84:55 Walk From It All Plastic Pinks
89:52 The Cleaner Squid
97:40 Memoirs of Working in a Bowling Alley Dropper
100:41 Bumming Me Out Thick
103:38 Outro
107:56 Hot Dog Alley Fly Golden Eagle
111:06 Giving Up High Waisted
115:46 Loner DEHD
119:00 What's the Matter Twin Peaks
122:23 Friends of Ours The Medium
124:49 dying to ShitKid
127:48 Big Bang Blues Breanna Barbara
132:38 True Fear Extra Special
135:47 How to Serve Man (live @ TV Eye) Priestess
140:10 Finish

Wow, y’all. 200 episodes??? Probably the only cool thing to happen to me in 2020.

To celebrate I’ve gathered all my friends and favorite musicians to give you two hours (and some change) of new music to pleasure your earholes too. I hope it gives your life a little melody and maybe even a little happiness during such a chaotic year.

p.s. Also, if you haven’t yet PLEASE register to vote! (and then PLEASE actually go vote.)

Like always, tune in!

Frankie & the Witch Fingers “Sweet Freak”

Native Sun “Oedipus Race”

Elena Childers is BTRtoday's go-to music reporter extraordinaire. She writes Nightshift Sounds, Tune Up and The Music Meetup. She also produces and hosts The Music Meetup and New Vibrations podcasts every Monday…