#184: New Music From The Bobby Lees, Dead Ghosts, & So Much More!

00:00 Intro
01:23 Introducing New Vibrations
02:23 Mississippi Programmique
05:52 Six Hours Programmique
09:54 Riddle Daddy The Bobby Lees
13:38 Mary Jo The Bobby Lees
16:40 Last Song The Bobby Lees
21:11 Mic Break
22:03 Automatic Changer Dead Ghosts
26:31 Drugstore Supplies Dead Ghosts
29:52 Runaway Varsity
34:01 Upset or Obsessed A Severe Joy
38:32 If You Want Me To Swampmeat Family Band
41:53 Friends In The Floor Swampmeat Family Band
45:16 Outro
48:05 Hurt Me Sibille Attar
52:01 Part Of It Johanna Warren
54:54 Rose Potion Johanna Warren
59:11 Compelled Land Of Talk
62:26 Finish

Another week, another playlist of brand-spankin’ new tunes.

Tune in!

Dead Ghosts “Drugstore Supplies”

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