#181: New Music from Godcaster, Country Westerns & So Much More!

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing New Vibrations
02:29 Coin The Bobby Lees
05:16 I'm A Man The Bobby Lees
08:33 Colours MANKIND
12:31 Happy Child MANKIND
15:47 Mic Break
16:51 Mother Medusa Datura4
21:23 A Darker Shade of Brown Datura4
23:24 Rule My World Datura4
26:35 Rebel Kicks Faz Waltz
30:16 La Ciudad El Shirota
35:21 Dark Ecstasy TONER
38:18 Still Warm TONER
39:48 Cherry Plaza TONER
41:52 Outro
45:48 Strange GIFT
50:09 Times to Tunnels Country Westerns
53:07 City In the Country Howling Hex
56:31 Cowboy Motors Howling Hex
57:56 Serpentine Carcus Crux Birth Godcaster
59:54 Kindred Spirit Faux Real
63:01 Finish

Don’t worry, we’ve got the playlist to help you survive this quarantine. Every Wednesday, in fact.

Tune in!

Faux Real “Kindred Spirit”

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