#178: New Music from The Buttertones, Sorry, & So Much More!

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing New Vibrations
02:59 Still Second Rate The Lovely Eggs
06:15 Lies Howling Hex
08:47 Frightful in the Sunlight Chemtrails
12:42 Paranoiacs Chemtrails
16:14 Mic Break
17:27 Fade Away Gently The Buttertones
21:04 Jazzhound The Buttertones
24:31 Playground My Ugly Clementine
27:40 Who My Ugly Clementine
30:44 As the Sun Sets Sorry
34:53 Outro
38:17 Love Me, Still Honey Cutt
42:20 Suburban Dream Honey Cutt
45:03 Forever Grizzly Coast
49:14 Glue Blonder
52:20 Main Street Suburban Living
56:43 When It's Over L.A. Takedown
63:59 Finish

I’d pull an April Fools joke on all you fools, but with everything that’s been going down lately, I just don’t have it in me. So here is a playlist of some killer BRAND NEW songs. Like usual.

Tune in!

The Buttertones “Fade Away Gently”

My Ugly Clementine “Who”

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