#165: TOP SONGS OF 2019 pt. 2 (of 3)

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing New Vibrations
01:44 Introducing TOP SONGS OF 2019 pt. 2 (of 3)
03:24 Young Guns Fever Beam
07:15 Bad Neighborhood Daddy Long Legs
11:36 Today New York Grim Streaker
13:57 Boys In The Better Land Fontaines D.C.
18:59 Free At Last PUP
21:48 Mic Break
23:00 Floating Hand NOTS
26:51 Mayumi The Untouchable Guitar Wolf
29:27 The Craft Pottery
33:03 Heads FREEZ
37:34 C Oh Sees
42:09 Outro
45:24 The Waves Las Rosas
48:25 Easy Ryan Laetari
51:08 I'm Nothing Violent Femmes (ft. Stefan Janoski)
53:37 Out Of Touch Nox Boys
57:25 Best Girl Miss June
60:38 Goin' Down The Mystery Lights
63:35 Finish

If you missed out on all the great music of 2019,  here is your cheatsheet. This is PART TWO of THREE episodes of New Vibrations providing you with the top 50 songs that came out in 2019—so make sure to check out the past episodes here!
Thanks for listening, everybody!! I love you so. ❤️

Fever Beam “Young Guns”

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