#155: New Vibrations Halloween Special!

00:00 Intro
01:25 Introducing New Vibrations
02:31 Ripe For Consumption Weeping Icon
06:14 Heartworm Oh Sees
08:11 Makeshift Weaponry Mind Rays
11:29 Enemies Miss June
14:39 Killer Sheer Mag
19:26 Immunity Black Mekon
20:42 Mic Break
21:45 Oedipus Race Native Sun
24:18 Never Know Thunderpussy
27:55 Liquify Iguana Death Cult
32:49 Life Of Sin Sleep Eaters
35:31 Gloria The Shivas
39:09 He's A Bad Guy Shrouded Strangers
42:53 Outro
45:40 Sludge Vivian Girls
47:59 Makes Me Sick The Berries
51:11 Pressure Inside B Boys
53:33 Where's My Juul? The Ehems
59:47 Badlands Thunderpussy
63:32 Please Waste My Time Miss June
65:19 Finish

Get ready to be SPOOKED! This week I stray from the usual programming and give you a playlist of the spookiest songs from 2019 spun on New Vibrations. Still fresh, but keeping things creepy. Press play at your Halloween party and get ready to have the scariest and most rockin’ playlist.
You’re welcome.


Thunderpussy “Badlands”


The Shivas “Gloria”

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