#146: I'm On Vacation Special!

Premiere DateAug 28, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:25 Introducing New Vibrations
02:47 In My Head Paint Fumes
04:47 Critter Goon
09:22 Captain Deep State
16:45 Instant Pace B Boys
21:10 Mic Break
22:17 300 Ghosts Black Mekon
27:25 Black Dog The Advertisers
30:24 I Want It To Be True Ex Hex
35:35 Roses That Cry Empath
39:39 Outro
42:30 Honestly Honestly Big White
48:25 I Do Not Mind Ian Ferguson
52:30 Dream Box Generationals
57:51 Take The Heat Lenny Bull
60:14 Loneliness Jade Jackson
64:50 Finish

I’m currently lounging on a beach with my pup, so here’s a playlist of my favorite songs I’ve spun so far this year on New Vibrations. Of course, they’re still all rockin’ and all brand spankin’ new. I’ve also included a pic of my pup because she’s hella cute—you’re welcome.

Tune in!

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