#123: New Vibrations SXSW Special!

Premiere DateMar 13, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:04 Dilly Dally Ticket Giveaway
01:22 Introducing New Vibrations SXSW Edition
02:02 Billy Surfbort
04:07 Keep Drinking! Drinking Boys & Girls Choir
05:07 National Police Shit Drinking Boys & Girls Choir
06:41 Buzzin' Gnarcissists
08:46 Fentanyl Gnarcissists
11:02 Big Succ(ess) Native Sun
14:06 Modern Music Native Sun
16:13 Mic Break
17:18 The Secret Abjects
22:05 Surf Abjects
26:20 Wasted Nun Cherry Glazerr
29:39 Stupid Fish Cherry Glazerr
33:52 SuMmEr BrEaK ShitKid
36:34 Fate/Glory Public Practice
39:14 Paper Trail The Nude Party
43:18 Outro
46:00 Memory Lane Anemone
50:52 Realization Frankie & The Witch Fingers
55:30 Purple Velvet Frankie & The Witch Fingers
60:08 Cave Crawl Warm Drag
63:08 End Times Warm Drag
70:27 Finsih

This week lil ‘ole me is at the big ‘ole SXSW festival in Austin, TX. So I’ve done something real nice for y’all and gathered all the musicians I’ve featured on New Vibrations that are ALSO playing this year’s SXSW and made a sweet lil playlist of it. You’re welcome & bless ur lil hearts. Now, I’m gonna go eat some tacos and rock out to this playlist—hope you guys do the same!


There’s still a chance for you to enter to win a pair of free tickets to see the badass Canadian rockers Dilly Dally! BTRtoday is presenting them at Music of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, March 21st. Just head on over to our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for a chance to win. Show details here!

Cherry Glazerr “Wasted Nun” 

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