Kino Kimino

Premiere DateDec 5, 2016
00:00 Intro
01:18 Introducing Kino Kimino
02:57 Passion Kino Kimino
06:26 Pale Calico Kino Kimino
09:53 Blood Bath Kino Kimino
13:13 Rosy Rudiger Kino Kimino
16:38 Loincloth Kino Kimino
20:15 Mic Break
20:41 Interview w/ Kim Talon, front woman for Kino Kimino
44:36 Mic Break
45:27 Outro
46:06 Caste Out Kino Kimino
49:01 Chalk Like Kino Kimino
51:51 Hide Your Kin Kino Kimino
54:40 Grapes Kino Kimino
58:53 Lace Them Taut Kino Kimino
62:57 Finish

Why hello and welcome to The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner), brought to you by Levi’s!

This week we’re listening to Kino Kimino’s newest album, Bait is for Sissies, and chatting w/ the mastermind behind it all, Kim Talon. It’s a sound of garage pop–and by that we mean its got all the melodic beats and catchy lyrics of a pop hit, but also with the grungy/ grittiness and dark undertones of garage.

A girl from Winnipeg, Manitoba, now living the dream in NYC–Kim Talon has played in many different music projects, but Kino Kimino is her freshest. It only started this past spring and is comprised of Jordyn Blakely (drums), Cindy Gooden (bass), Tarra Thiessen (guitar), and of course, Kim Talon (guitar/vocals). On this new album, she got O.G. rockers Lee Ranaldo on guitar and Steve Shelley on drums from Sonic Youth to shred for your listening pleasure!

Make sure to find Kino Kimino on all those handy dandy social media outlets to see where she’s headed and what she’s cookin’ up next–and don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on Kino Kimino!

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