The Royal They

Premiere DateNov 27, 2017
00:00 Intro
01:33 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:59 Introducing The Royal They
03:23 Truncheon The Royal They
06:21 Pinkeye Baby The Royal They
08:25 Understate The Royal They
13:02 Sex In A Public Place The Royal They
14:11 Countenance The Royal They
18:13 Mic Break
18:42 Interview with The Royal They
19:01 Moving A Futon
19:31 Hi Michelle!
19:39 Names & Instruments
20:08 Forming The Royal They
21:04 First Show On Valentines Day
22:11 Why The Royal They?
23:40 Inspirations, Influences, etc.
26:53 Live Performances
30:15 Writing Process: "Mostly Screaming"
33:21 Goodbyes
35:23 Mic Break
36:34 Outro
37:33 Laurels The Royal They
41:16 Kamikaze The Royal They
45:08 Lyric Machine The Royal They
48:25 Full Metal Black The Royal They
51:30 Shinburner The Royal They
53:19 Finish

This week it’s all about The Royal They! A NYC-based band that catches you by surprise with their “normal” looks, but chaotic sound.

Photo by Rick Perez

Listen to their self-titled album on this week’s episode and an interview with the entire band! Tune-in, dummies!

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