El Silver Cabs

Premiere DateAug 14, 2017
00:00 Intro
01:50 Introducing The Music Meetup
03:40 Figurines El Silver Cabs
09:43 Bloom El Silver Cabs
13:40 Treading Water El Silver Cabs
17:34 Mic Break
18:07 Interview w/ Jake of El Silver Cabs
30:09 Mic Break
31:12 Outro
31:41 Wouldn't You Rather El Silver Cabs
36:07 Gun El Silver Cabs
38:54 Pretty Lady El Silver Cabs
43:26 Weekend El Silver Cabs
45:49 Finish

This week we listen to NYC-based group El Silver Cabs and chat with Jake Backer–bassist and vocalist!

They can be sweet and they can be sour. A mix of true-blue rock ‘n’ roll with a folky sensitive side. Listen to the debut album of El Silver Cabs in it’s entirety on this week’s episode!

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