Cool Ghouls

Premiere DateMay 29, 2017
00:00 Intro
01:49 Introducing Cool Ghouls
03:26 Gord's Horse Cool Ghouls
06:14 Orange Light Cool Ghouls
09:36 Natural Life Cool Ghouls
13:17 Animal Races Cool Ghouls
17:09 (If I Can't Be) The Man Cool Ghouls
20:04 Mic Break
20:35 Interview w/ Cool Ghouls
34:55 Mic Break
35:47 Outro
36:35 Brown Bag Cool Ghouls
39:17 Grace Cool Ghouls
42:42 The Mile Cool Ghouls
46:57 Never You Mind Cool Ghouls
50:22 Sweet Rain Cool Ghouls
55:30 Finish

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner).

This week we listen to and chat with San Francisco based band Cool Ghouls!

Don’t bee spooked, they’re like Casper the cool ghost. Cool Ghouls takes all the elements of old school style, like ’60s pop & ’70s folk, and make the most soothing and catchy melodies you’ll ever hear.

Currently, they’re touring and their most recent album Cool Ghouls is only available as a tangible tape cassette at their shows. How old school is that?! Tune in to hear some new ones, some old ones, and a chat with the band themselves. And read more about them here!

Elena Childers is BTRtoday's go-to music reporter extraordinaire. She writes Nightshift Sounds, Tune Up and The Music Meetup. She also produces and hosts The Music Meetup and New Vibrations podcasts every Monday…