Premiere DateMay 11, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:23 Introducing the Music Meetup
01:51 Introducing Varsity
03:01 Runaway Varsity
07:08 Reason to Run
10:53 Mic Break
11:47 Interview w/ Pat (guitar) & Stef (keys/vocals) from Varsity
20:15 Mic Break
21:41 Outro
22:45 Cult of Personality Varsity
26:58 So Sad, So Sad Varsity
30:53 Taken By Surprise Varsity
33:52 Eye to Eye Varsity
38:02 Kelly Varsity
41:05 Second Act Varsity
45:16 Smash Varsity
48:07 Still Apart Varsity
51:28 Finish

Chicago-based indie rockers Varsity chat new music, quarantine shenanigans, and favorite tracks. Plus, listen to their 2019 album Basement Takes and two tracks from their upcoming album Fine Forever, out 5/29.

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Varsity “Runaway” 

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