Totally Mild (Interview @ SXSW)

Premiere DateMar 26, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:13 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:37 Introducing Totally Mild
02:43 Sky Totally Mild
06:42 Pearl Totally Mild
10:11 Working Like A Crow Totally Mild
14:18 From One Another Totally Mild
17:08 Lucky Stars Totally Mild
20:51 Mic Break
21:39 Interview w/ Totally Mild @ SXSW
34:46 Mic Break
35:40 Outro
36:41 Today Tonight Totally Mild
39:10 Underwater Totally Mild
42:21 Take Today Totally Mild
44:57 More Totally Mild
48:51 Down Together Totally Mild
52:57 Finish

Just got back from Austin, TX for SXSW (Read about that here) and got all these fun drunken interviews. I chatted with Totally Mild (Melbourne) at SXSW. The interview is unedited & we may or may not be drunk or at least hungover, so it’s an amazing interview. The music is also soothing and deep, so you’re welcome for sharing.

Totally Mild @ SXSW (Photo by Elena Childers)

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