Top Music Meetups of 2020 pt. 1 (of 2)

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:52 Introducing Top Music Meetup of pt. 1
03:28 Medicine Yonatan Gat
08:25 Projections Yonatan Gat
10:40 Face First The Paranoyds
14:06 Hungry Sam The Paranoyds
17:00 Booty Calls Kahiem Rivera
19:44 Wanderlust Kahiem Rivera
24:21 Mic Break
25:21 5 Years Behind Thick
28:28 Your Mom Thick
29:55 White Tears Fake Queers Danny Denial
32:51 Caliphornia Danny Denial
36:18 Mic Break
38:00 Outro
39:08 Door #9 Baba Ali
42:28 Oh My Baba Ali
44:22 Fuck That Shit Red Arkade
46:49 Cocaine Red Arkade
48:26 Finish

Holy bananas, Batman! What. A. Year. Everything was shitty and probably the only year I can confidently say for everyone, this year was HELL. But not so fast there, Robin! (Idk why I’m going with this Batman theme, it’s the end of a very long year, give me a break…) The music that came out this year and all the amazing musician I got to chat with even over the phone during lockdowns really saved my life.

So here is part one of two of my favorite chitchats with bands I had in 2020. (Make sure to tune in again next week for the second and final part!)

(Artists Interviews: Yonatan Gat, The Paranoyds, Kahiem Rivera, Thick, Danny Denial, Baba Ali, & Red Arkade!)

Tune in!


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