The Shivas

00:00 Intro
01:23 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:52 Introducing The Shivas
03:30 Gloria The Shivas
07:10 Turn Me On The Shivas
09:27 Playing On The Radio The Shivas
12:03 If You See Me The Shivas
15:26 Start A Fire The Shivas
17:55 IDC Lucky #13 The Shivas
19:14 Interview w/ frontman Jared of The Shivas
33:26 Mic Break
34:51 Outro
35:50 Sometimes II The Shivas
39:49 Can't Relax The Shivas
42:24 I Want You The Shivas
44:26 Feels Surreal The Shivas
47:52 Over & Over The Shivas
52:28 It's All In Your Head The Shivas
57:31 Can You Feel It Too? The Shivas
60:49 Finish

This week we listen to west coasters The Shivas. Their newest album Dark Thoughts hits all the rights spots and we chat with frontman Jared about all kinds of spoooooky stuff.

Tune in!

The Shivas “Gloria”

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