The Medium (Interview @ SXSW)

Premiere DateApr 2, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:19 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:45 Introducing The Medium
03:34 Lazy Sunday The Medium
06:56 Looking Glass Rock The Medium
09:42 Good Ol'Days The Medium
12:51 Caroline The Medium
15:15 Mic Break
15:57 Un-edited interview w/ The Medium @ SXSW
26:48 Mic Break
28:01 Outro
28:57 Space Horse The Medium
31:03 Sugar Shark The Medium
34:46 Fade Away The Medium
37:53 KGB Man The Medium
40:48 That's What She Said The Medium
42:18 You're Still The Best The Medium
45:40 Finish

*click*clack* What’s that? It’s Nashville’s The Medium! We have a nice drunken ‘ole chat at  SXSW about music, Kate Winslet (un-edited) and share unreleased songs. I even flash them my hip tattoo at one point—it’s jarring.

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