The Exbats

Premiere DateFeb 18, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:09 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:35 Introducing The Exbats
02:14 Are We Dead Yet? The Exbats
04:48 I Got Fights The Exbats
07:05 Everybody Loves My Mom The Exbats
09:51 2027 The Exbats
11:48 Cracked Heart The Exbats
14:29 I Was In Your Video The Exbats
17:00 Hercules The Exbats
21:12 Mic Break
21:55 Interview w/ Inez McLain of The Exbats
32:15 Mic Break
33:19 Outro
34:14 Bucky Barnes The Exbats
38:32 I'm A Witch The Exbats
41:32 Kill Yr Boyfriend The Exbats
43:37 Girls Like These The Exbats
45:51 Hey Dummy The Exbats
48:23 Xena! The Exbats
51:47 Finish

This week I have Inez, the teen frontwoman of father-daughter rock ‘n’ roll group The Exbats, to talk about music, life and everything in-between.

The Exabts “Hercules”

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