The Curls

Premiere DateJun 24, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:15 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:45 Introducing The Curls
02:55 Welcome 2 The Bounce House The Curls
04:26 Like a Fool The Curls
08:47 Love Dot Com The Curls
11:47 (drag) The Curls
12:55 Lemon Lime The Curls
17:03 Isn't It Funny The Curls
22:02 Mic Break
22:52 Interview w/ The Curls frontman Mick Fansler
32:44 Mic Break
33:58 Outro
35:05 Tidal Wave The Curls
39:11 Bad Boi The Curls
42:42 Hit 'Em Where It Hurts The Curls
46:29 (trash) The Curls
47:27 Band Bang The Curls
50:33 (swag) The Curls
51:36 Picture F(r)ame The Curls
57:23 Finish

This week we’ve got Chicago-based band The Curls on the phone talking about music, dogs and the sound of doing too much speed and acid. Tune-in!

The Curls “Lemon Lime”

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