Teen Daze

Premiere DateDec 18, 2017
00:00 Intro
01:31 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:58 Introducing Teen Daze
03:10 Cycle Teen Daze
07:20 Dream City Teen Daze
12:00 Becoming Teen Daze
13:26 Lost Teen Daze
18:04 Cherry Blossoms Teen Daze
23:31 Mic Break
24:04 Interview w/ Jamison Isaak aka Teen Daze
38:14 Mic Break
39:16 Outro
39:57 First Rain Teen Daze
43:54 Rising Teen Daze
48:50 Anew Teen Daze
51:30 Water In Heaven Teen Daze
57:37 Breath Teen Daze
60:45 Finish

You better be separating your recyclables, ’cause this week we chat with the environmentally-friendly Teen Daze (Jamison Isaak) about his newest album Themes For Dying Earth, Trump’s America, and so much more. Tune in!

Teen Daze - Themes For Dying Earth

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