Premiere DateMay 27, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:18 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:43 Introducing Stonefield
02:29 Sleep Stonefield
06:43 Mic Break
07:26 Interview w/ drummer & singer Amy Findlay of Stonefield
19:08 Mic Break
20:18 Outro
21:30 Delusion Stonefield
26:07 Far From Earth Stonefield
29:50 In The Eve Stonefield
33:47 Visions Stonefield
37:18 Together Stonefield
40:27 Broken Stone Stonefield
46:16 Through The Storm Stonefield
50:38 In My Head Stonefield
54:14 Sleepyhead Stonefield
58:12 Selestial Spaces Stonefield
61:37 Finish

This week we chat with singer/drummer Amy Findlay from Australian band Stonefield. They had just finished sound check for a show in Germany and have a new album coming on June 14, Bent. We listen to the first single from it and their last album Far From Earth in its entirety. Tune in!

Stonefield “Sleep”

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