Sonny Falls

00:00 Intro
00:59 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:27 Introducing Sonny Falls
02:21 Easy To Lose Sonny Falls
05:10 Flies In The Milk Sonny Falls
09:00 Until You Do Sonny Falls
13:05 Towards No One Sonny Falls
16:52 Kid In A Car Sonny Falls
21:29 Mic Break
22:05 Interview w/ Sonny Falls' frontman Ryan Ensley
36:21 Mic Break
37:17 Outro
38:04 Down In That Dark Sonny Falls
40:35 Endless Beat Sonny Falls
44:22 Nothing Coming Sonny Falls
48:13 Head On Display Sonny Falls
53:48 The Last Time You Called Me Sonny Falls
56:33 Finish

This week I’m chatting w/ frontman of Chicago-based band Sonny Falls & spin their most recent record Some Kind of Specter. Tune in!

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