Shannon Shaw

00:00 Intro
01:00 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:27 Introducing Shannon Shaw
02:44 Golden Frames Shannon Shaw
05:18 Bring Her The Mirror Shannon Shaw
08:05 Broke My Own Shannon Shaw
11:09 Leather Metal Steel Shannon Shaw
13:48 Freddies 'n' Teddies Shannon Shaw
17:25 Love I Can't Explain Shannon Shaw
20:44 Mic Break
21:25 Interview w/ Shannon Shaw
35:25 Mic Break
36:20 Outro
37:17 Cryin' My Eyes Out Shannon Shaw
40:24 Goodbye Summer Shannon Shaw
43:08 Cold Pillows Shannon Shaw
46:48 Lord of Alaska Shannon Shaw
49:58 I Might Consider Shannon Shaw
52:59 Make Believe Shannon Shaw
55:27 Coal On The Fire Shannon Shaw
58:21 Finish

This week we talk to the sweet honey-drop of an empowering woman Shannon Shaw. Also bassist & singer for Shannon & The Clams, she’s taking her turn in going solo with the help of Black Key’s Dan Auerbach on her debut solo album Shannon In Nashville. Tune-in to hear the entire album and a chat with Shaw herself about becoming a Godmother, overcoming insecurities, going solo and so much more!

Shannon Shaw “Cryin’ My Eyes Out”
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