00:00 Intro
01:04 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:26 Introducing Promiseland
02:42 Frequent Flyer Promiseland
07:16 In Swarm Drinking Water Promiseland
11:06 Not Going Hunting Promiseland
12:24 Mic Break
12:57 Interview w/ Johann aka Promiseland backstage at The Voidz Residency show
26:06 Mic Break
27:00 Outro
27:43 My Shadow Promiseland
31:03 Take Down The House Promiseland
34:12 Angel Gun Promiseland
37:32 Spring St. Promiseland
41:04 Finish

Johann Rashid aka Promiseland is an Australian artist living in NYC. His sound is an experimental punch to the face and a punk rock workout. His live performance is chaotic and hypnotic—with him climbing walls and doing backflips. I chatted with him backstage after he opened for The Voidz’ first residency night in Brooklyn—we talk about living many lives, we say a quick hello to Dani of Surfbort and talk about the start of Promiseland. Plus, he’s shared with us some music, so tune in!

PROMISELAND: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Promiseland “My Shadow”

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