Pinc Louds

00:00 Intro
01:06 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:39 Introducing Pinc Louds
02:44 Soul In My Body Pinc Louds
07:46 Last Chance of Love Pinc Louds
13:22 Roaches Pinc Louds
18:34 Watching Snow Pinc Louds
23:44 Take Me Tie Me Pinc Louds
27:17 My Teeth Pinc Louds
28:51 Shaking Pinc Louds
33:53 Mic Break
34:38 Interview w/ Raimundo & Claudi of Pinc Louds
48:16 Mic Breaks
49:19 Outro
50:31 Speak To Me Dead Pinc Louds
55:12 Haunted Pinc Louds
60:41 Dream Catcher Pinc Louds
64:04 Why Would Were Wolves Worship Waffles? Pinc Louds
67:06 Babies Pinc Louds
69:43 Scrambled Inside Pinc Louds
75:21 Books In Boxes Pinc Louds
77:03 Finish

This week I chat w/ Claudi & Raimundo of Pinc Louds about puppets, subways and, of course, music! We also listen to their latest album Delancey Street—tune in!

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