Phono Pony

Premiere DateApr 13, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:52 Introducing Phono Pony
03:12 Back to School Special Phono Pony
05:58 Mic Break
06:57 Interview w/ Phono Pony
14:46 Mic Break
16:41 Outro
17:44 Monkey Paw Phono Pony
20:52 00100 Phono Pony
23:50 Vacant Phono Pony
27:06 Tattoo Of My Face Phono Pony
30:20 500 Matches Phono Pony
34:55 Losing the Spark Phono Pony
37:35 Good Morning, Mrs. Walker Phono Pony
40:24 Freak Out Phono Pony
43:07 Real Enemy Phono Pony
46:02 Take It From Me Phono Pony
48:58 Finish

This week we chat and listen to the music of Phono Pony! They’ve got that 1970’s NYC street punk vibe, with a fresh take on garage rock.

Tune in!

Phono Pony “Back to School Special”

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