Native Sun @ SXSW (Shotgunning Beers)

Premiere DateApr 1, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:11 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:38 Introducing Native Sun
03:19 Hippie Speedball Native Sun
06:31 11th Street Native Sun
10:11 Big Succ(ess) Native Sun
13:23 Mic Break
14:14 Interview w/ Native Sun - Beer #1 Native Sun
20:53 Beer #2
23:14 Mic Break
24:34 Outro
25:38 Swoon Native Sun
28:30 Modern Music Native Sun
30:31 Sweet V Native Sun
35:54 Finish

This week we’ve got a fun one for you guys! I not only share the killer EP by Brooklyn-based punk rockers Native Sun—Always Different, Always The Same—but I also share with you guys an interview I did with the bunch in a field at SXSW Austin, TX where we shotgunned beers. It’s absolutely chaotic and you know you want to be part of the fun—just like how their music makes you feel!
So, you definitely need to tune-in to this one. (Shout out to Alementary Brewing!)

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