Music Meetup Holiday Special

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:52 Introducing The Music Meetup Holiday Special
04:21 Home Thick
07:22 The Poet (Can't Jam) Born Ruffians
11:08 Oh, What A World Okey Dokey
14:42 Mic Break
16:04 Tonight Katy J Pearson
20:05 Beautiful Soul Katy J Pearson
23:24 No Room Nana Adjoa
26:56 Heaven Falcon Jane
29:58 Mic Break
31:38 Outro
32:48 Zeitgeist Babe Rainbow
37:05 The Wind Babe Rainbow
41:23 Dream Sequence Yonatan Gat
44:21 Finish

Congrats on surviving this far in 2020! Look at us go. Here’s a playlist of songs that are great for any holiday you celebrate. And if you aren’t celebrating this year, this playlist is still good just to celebrate great music. So tune in! (Click here to check out the written version and get connected with the bands.)

Tune in & Happy Holidays!

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