Music Meetup: #Blacklivesmatter

00:00 Intro
01:52 Introducing The Music Meetup #BLM
03:30 New Year Big Joanie
06:51 Token Big Joanie
09:53 Ugly Blis.
13:41 Broken Blis.
19:01 Kiss Mannequin Pussy
20:20 Pledge Mannequin Pussy
21:41 Meatslave One Mannequin Pussy
22:52 Mic Break
24:20 Conquistador Guantanamo Baywatch
27:27 The Scavenger Guantanamo Baywatch
30:26 Tootsie Roll Coco Verde
32:14 Too Many Wrongs The Dears
36:24 Outro
40:25 Generation L(ost) L.A. Salami
44:19 England Is Unwell L.A. Salami
48:41 Good Winter Kahiem Rivera
51:46 Wanderlust Kahiem Rivera
56:11 Finish

This week I take a break from The Music Meetup’s regular program of interviewing a musician & playing their music. Today, the episode is focusing on making black/biracial artists/musicians’ voice’s louder.

So, here is a playlist highlighting all the bands with black/biracial musicians as core members that I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on the show before. Make sure to go back and listen to all the interviews with these musicians as well as follow them via social and buy their music & merch. Let’s keep fighting the good fight against oppression and inequality, while also supporting black artists who have and will forever shape the music industry. (Click here for links to all the featured artists.)

I understand that I will never understand how you feel, but I stand with you. As a podcast host/someone in a position to spread awareness, I vow to feature more Black musician fronted bands. #BLM

Check out some of the provided links at the bottom to help contribute to the cause.


Here’s a post we made with tons of links to help the movement:

BTRtoday Stands with Protestors Against Police Violence

You can also follow @blklivesmatter (and if you’re keeping up with protesting in NYC  @nycdsa is also a good one to follow).

Here is a handy YouTube video to help you learn how to financially help while living on $0/ need to stay home.

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